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Unlike other organizations, the Association for Middle Eastern Public Policy and Administration (AMEPPA) does not require a registration fee for its conference. This principle is based on the organization's grassroot and voluntary nature. 

In doing so, AMEPPA avoids the need for fundraising in order to pay for the cost of its conference, and thanks to its host which provides space, printing materials and coordination such cost-effectiveness has been made possible since our inaugural conference in 2012. However, in order for this formula to work the organization relies on the commitments of colleagues whose proposals have been accepted and included in the conference program to participate in the program rather than relying on a fee to secure their registration and participation. 

In order to maintain the list of participants and conference program accurate and for a proper accreditation of participation, a follow up list is needed of those who regrettably were unable to participate in the conference due to cancellation or absenteeism.

List of Cancellation and Absenteeism

1. Dr. Alia A. Aref, Cairo University, Egypt (cancelled 3 days before the conference due to funding)

2.Dr. Vadim AtnashevSt. Petersburg State University, Russia (cancelled 5 days before the conference due to visa issue)

3. Dr. Sarah Hariri Haykal, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon (was at Beirut International Airport ready to travel but regrettably was unable to depart due to visa issue)

4. Dr. John Mary Kanyamurwa, Kyambogo University, Uganda (No Call, No Show)

5. Hadeel Khaleel, American River College, USA (cancelled 6 days before the conference due to last minute attempt in purchasing an airline ticket).

6. Dr. Froilan Malit, Zayed University, UAE (cancelled 1 day before the conference due to visa issue)

7. Dr. Wisam Samara, Al-Quds Open University, Palestine (cancelled 6 days before the conference due to funding)

8. Mohammad Shadeed, Hebron Municipality, Palestine (No Call, No Show

9. Dr. Sharifa Sherif, Future University Egypt (cancelled 3 days before the conference due to funding)

10. Dr. Mohamed Evren Tok, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar (cancelled 1 day before the conference due to illness)