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The Association for Middle Eastern Public Policy and Administration(AMEPPA)

St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University

Institute of International Educational Programs

Program of International Research Symposium

Traditional Institutes and Public Policy in the Modern Society(National Minorities and Public Policy in the Middle East)

(September 19-20, 2014, St. Petersburg)

19th September (Friday), Room 114

11:00 – Registration of participants 

11:15 – Welcome Speech of representatives of the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University (SPbSTU) and
11:30 – Dr., Prof. Hamza Ates (Istanbul Medeniyet University) - Public Administration and Minority Rights in Turkey
12:00 – Anna Matochkina (St. Petersburg State University) – Transformation of the Public Sphere in the Modern
             Arab World by the Example of Graffiti
12:30 – Dr. Georgiy Alexeev (North-West Institute of Administration) – Civil policy in the desire for multiculturalism
13:00 – Dr. Ekaterina Klimenko (St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts) – Migrants and the Host
             Society: Attempts to Foster Tolerance Performed by the Russian State
13:30 – Dr. Vladimir Kabloukov (St. Petersburg State University of Economics) – Migrants from Continental China to
             Hong Kong: Economic Aspects 14:00 –
15:00 – Dinner 15:00 – Dr. Pavel Kostogryzov (Ural State Law Academy) - Community Justice in Latin America: a
             Relic of the Past or a Bridge to the Future?
15:30 – Dr. Vadim Atnashev (North-West Institute of Administration) – International Law Standards and the True
16:00 – Yu. Shipilov (North-West Institute of Administration) – Impact of the Illegal Migration on the Russian Border
16:30 - Thomas W. Haase, Tania Haddad (American University of Beirut) - Civil Society Education in the Republic of
             Lebanon: An Evaluation of University Curriculum
17:00 - Discussion  

20 September (Saturday)

11:00 – Mustafa Altunok (Abant Izzet Baysal University,Turkey) - Developing Countries, Public Policy and Capacity
11:30 - Dr. Izolda Peshperova (North-West Institute of Administration) – Marriage and Family: Conflict of Laws and
            Traditional Aspects in the National and International Law
12:00 – Ksenia Baleeva (Higher School of Economics) - Charity as traditional institute of society
12:30 – Coffee-Break 
13:00 – Konstantin Eydemiller (Herzen State Pedagogical University) – Islam Issue in the Holland Society: Pro et
13:30 – Ekaterina Samylovskaya (St. Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences) – “Belly dance” as a
             part of the Modern
             Arab Culture and Phenomenon in the Transitional Post-Soviet Mentality
14:00 – Closing of Symposium